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Customized Service Agreement for HVAC Services in Indianapolis

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Service Agreements

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Thank you for your interest in a Planned Service Agreement with HC Climate Control Inc.!

Did You Know . . . ?

Maintenance on your heating and cooling equipment is required by most leasing agreements and must be performed by a licensed HVAC contractor?

Did You Also Know . . . ?

If new equipment is not properly maintained by a licensed HVAC contractor, your manufacturer’s warranty could be void?

Maintenance IS needed! Maintenance is a MUST!

In many cases, energy savings generated by maintained equipment can pay for the cost of the preventive maintenance agreement contract as well as improve your comfort. Most preventive maintenance contracts are very inexpensive and will prolong the working life of your HVAC system. Also, scheduling maintenance allows us to assist you with additional savings.

Maintenance is a WIN-WIN for everyone.

With a maintenance agreement, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your heating and cooling equipment is in tip-top condition and running efficiently thanks to competent and professional preventive maintenance.

Why spend your hard earned money on emergency service calls when you can prevent it with a customized service agreement from HC Climate Control Inc.?

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